Schwabsburger Pommernschafe

Rauhwollige Pommersche Landschafe - one of becoming extinct threatened race

General information

There are world-wide approx. 500 - 600 different sheep races. Alone in Germany over 40 sheep races are bred. They are divided into

  • Merinosheep
  • Meat sheep
  • Land sheep
  • Milk sheep

Land sheep are undemanding and thus to the care by yield-poor, rough central mountain situations suitably. Apart from the landscape conservation they are used also in small firms in the ouple attitude, since they are resistant good fodder-worth and they are not so predisposed to illness.

The straight land sheep survived in the last years only with scarce emergency, because they were through "economic" races replaces. "Economic" will are called - more meats.

Thus and stand they - like many other animal species also - stood on the red list of GEH (The Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Livestock Breeds)

But straight with hobby sheep owner enjoy these animals of increasing popularity, which helps, to secure evil-evenly for this race. Not to the latter also, so that these valuable gene reserves are not always lost.
In addition also our sheep race belongs: the Rauhwollige Pommersche Landschafe.

Description of race

The Rauhwollige Pommersche Landschaf is a medium sized sheep that from the coastal regions in Pommern, Mecklenburg, East Prussia, Schlesien and Poland originates.

The sheep has a hornless, with black hair occupies medium sized head. The tongue is blue, a front tuft can be present. A flour muzzle is permissible. The legs are occupied and with out wool but with black hair.
The fleece from long mixture wool varies from steel-blue to grey. With the supports a mane from black long hair, reaching up to the shoulder, is desired.

Both sexes can exhibit a dorsal stripe. The lambs are born with a black, easily rippled/crinkled fleece.
Twin and triple births are normal and the Ewes care themselves affectionately around their new generation.
The sheep have a long rutting season, the permission effected in an age from 11 to 15 months.

Achievement data

  Body weight Fleece weight Ablammergebnis
 Old ram 60 bis 70 kg 6,0 bis 7,0 kg 
 Yearling ram 50 bis 60 kg 4,0 bis 5,0 kg 
 Ewe 45 bis 60 kg 4,0 bis 5,0 kg 150 %
 Yearling ewe 35 bis 45 kg 3,5 bis 4,0 kg